Monday, March 2, 2015


Elder Cosentino is one of the funniest companions I have had.  He has limited English skills, but he is trying to learn more.  Every time we have an interesting lesson he always says "apostasy" in English, like when someone told us this week that the US President is the devil.

This week I have bumped into one of my favorite members from Ferreñafe twice in the same week.  His name is Brother Tantachuco, and his son always came with us to teach.  Needless to say this was the highlight of my week and he also said that one of my converts is going to the Quito, Ecuador mission.  Sadly Luis, the young man who I taught, comes from a humble background and his parents are not members of the church.  In fact his father is against him going on a mission and won't help his son at all.  It is sad, but it brings me so much joy that in spite of so much opposition Luis wants to serve the Lord.

Also this week we had work visits from the assistants.  The was great because it has been a while since I have worked with Elder Lalli.  I love the mission because I have become fascinated by the scriptures.  When we had finished teaching for the day we went back and continued to talk about doctrine.  Then progressively we talked about how we need to go on a couple double dates after the mission.

Sunday we ate at a members house and they were so nice to us.  I could see they happiness in this small family because they do the small things in the gospel.  I know that eternal happiness is built line upon line and I know that I am on my way to achieve it.

Elder Perryman

PS:  Yes I have lost weight.  I now work out every morning, eat fruit salad for dinner, and I am trying to cut down on rice.  So now I weigh 80 kg or 176 pounds...I used to weigh 200 pounds.

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