Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mickey Mouse Pancakes

So my companion is fine, but we need to go back to the dentist this week.  Last week we were both a little sick so I am sorry I wasn't very focused on emailing (sorry mom).

So the up side to cooking for ourselves is that we save a lot of time in the morning and also we can make what we want.  Which for us consists of cereal, pancakes, and oatmeal.  These things are not typical for breakfast here so I count it as my tender mercy.

So this week we have been doing a bunch of interchanges to see how the zone is doing.  I had an interchange with a new Elder (Elder Wirthlin) this week and it was a lot of fun.  It made me remember what being new is like.  Even though Elder Wirthlin isn't a Spanish master, yet, he has a great desire to serve and is super humble.  It made me remember that in the mission it doesn't matter if we are talented or we speak the language perfectly, what is important is if we are willing to follow Christ.

President Williams is coming up to Cajamarca this week.  I am super excited because his visits are always great.  But we still have a lot of work to do here to prepare.

Peru is really different, so life and culture are different, but it all feels normal to me now.  I am sure that things like millions of dogs on the street is weird in the US, but here it is normal.  Also here in Cajamarca people don't yell out "gringo" in the street that much like they do in Chiclayo.

This week I have been studying a lot of Christ´s teaching, especially the phrase "What class of man ought ye be?"  It is something that as a missionary I know that I must be more like him day to day.  I know I am incredibly imperfect, but I also know that through Him and can make my weaknesses strengths.

Elder Perryman

Monday, September 22, 2014


Hey sorry about that, we got back sooner then I expected, but we still need to go back.

This week has been great, yet hectic, as always.  It is the start of the rainy season and I love it.  In Chiclayo it doesn't rain so I find my self lucky.  But I have been to the clinic way more than I would have liked this week.

As a mission we are trying to focus  more on families.  We met Pier and Yanina this week and they came to church with their little daughter.  They are super good and I hope that they can progress.  I always enjoy teaching entire families because the purpose of life seems a lot clearer to them.

This week we visited Elder Boza.  I really enjoy the chance that we have to work with other missionaries here.  Especially seeing how we can help out in the areas.

I love you all and hope that you have a great week.

Elder Perryman

Tooth Ache

So I do not have time to write this week.  My companion isn't doing so well so we are going to the clinic right now.

I love you all
Elder Perryman

PS  Sorry mom

Monday, September 15, 2014

Danny Jambo

Danny Jambo got baptized this week!  Even though I am no longer in the area I am extremely happy to hear about this because Danny is the best.  Friday we went to BaƱos to do Danny´s interview and I was so happy to see the members there.  I heard about Max Miranda, one of the families that we worked with to reactivate got sealed in the temple this week.  Also a sister in the ward gave me a horse statue, but I have know idea how I will get it home.

We started to spend a lot more time in the area this week and it was great.  There are a couple of young men, Ivan and Brayan, who have been coming out with us almost everyday.  They are great, but neither of their dads are members so they need a lot of support.

There is a recent convert here is fantastic.  Her name is Nora and she is about 60.  Every time that we visit her she knocks on her neighbors doors to invite them to speak with us.  I wish everyone would do the same.

Elder Payare is great.  He is a perfectionist and a super hard worker, but also is crazy at times.  We always come back to our room exhausted.  Everyone tells me that I am going down hill for my time, but it feels like I have been doing more work after the year mark.  I am also starting to realize how much there is to do and how little time we have on a daily basis.  Time is one of Gods greatest gifts.

It is interesting to balance zone things with area things, but it made me realize that in life we will always have to find a balance between the temporal and the spiritual.

Elder Perryman

Monday, September 8, 2014

Pueblo Libre!

Hello Family!

I feel like I need an extra hour for everyday to get everything done this week.  We got back from Chiclayo Wednesday.  Going from cold to hot to cold gave me a cold, but I am okay now.  We finished most of the temporal matters in getting the zone ready now (rooms, pensions and other stuff).  I am super happy because we have a kitchen in our room so I can cook non-Peruvian food.  Unlike in the States where you can get food from different parts here you can only find Peruvian food.  But last night I made a grilled cheese and I couldn't have been happier.  Also we have one of the few rooms in the mission that has two shower knobs so hot water has been my tender mercy for the week.

Also we spent about half a day this week going through finances or medical things.  Because we are 6 hours away from the office we have to do all that fun stuff here.

Sunday was fantastic, because we actually took a good chunk of time to teach and we found some great families.  Amable and Carlos, one of the families that we found said that they had been waiting for us and that they need to be closer to Christ.  Amable has cancer, but says that the only thing she wants in life right now is for her family to be united.  We had a very impactful lesson with them and they said that their whole family will come to church this week.

I love you all.

Elder Perryman

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cajamarca Sur!!!

So this week has been one of the craziest in my mission.  I have a new companion, Elder Payare, from Bolivia, and he is awesome.  He is a super humble, hard working missionary but also super fun.  We are the first Zone leaders in Cajamarca South so we are just a little busy.  There are three brand new areas in the zone (including our own) so we have been more then busy this week with finding rooms and pensions.

I am sorry I didn't write yesterday because I spent Monday on a bus going down to Chiclayo for a leadership meeting.  President Williams is great.  There are a couple of changes that are happening in the mission, but they are great.  We are trying to focus more of less active members and we are trying to strengthen each ward.

So these days are kinda non stop but I see so much potential in my new area (Pueblo Libre).  When we are just walking from one area to the next or we are looking for rooms we meet knew people.  We met a lady just by happenstance whose children are less active members and she loves the church.  We had a good time talking with her about the church and we were just checking for rooms.  We as members of Christs church should always find some time or some opportunity to speak of Him.

Anyway it is getting late and we have a bus ride to Cajamarca tomorrow :)

I love you all,
Elder Perryman