Monday, September 8, 2014

Pueblo Libre!

Hello Family!

I feel like I need an extra hour for everyday to get everything done this week.  We got back from Chiclayo Wednesday.  Going from cold to hot to cold gave me a cold, but I am okay now.  We finished most of the temporal matters in getting the zone ready now (rooms, pensions and other stuff).  I am super happy because we have a kitchen in our room so I can cook non-Peruvian food.  Unlike in the States where you can get food from different parts here you can only find Peruvian food.  But last night I made a grilled cheese and I couldn't have been happier.  Also we have one of the few rooms in the mission that has two shower knobs so hot water has been my tender mercy for the week.

Also we spent about half a day this week going through finances or medical things.  Because we are 6 hours away from the office we have to do all that fun stuff here.

Sunday was fantastic, because we actually took a good chunk of time to teach and we found some great families.  Amable and Carlos, one of the families that we found said that they had been waiting for us and that they need to be closer to Christ.  Amable has cancer, but says that the only thing she wants in life right now is for her family to be united.  We had a very impactful lesson with them and they said that their whole family will come to church this week.

I love you all.

Elder Perryman

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