Monday, September 15, 2014

Danny Jambo

Danny Jambo got baptized this week!  Even though I am no longer in the area I am extremely happy to hear about this because Danny is the best.  Friday we went to Baños to do Danny´s interview and I was so happy to see the members there.  I heard about Max Miranda, one of the families that we worked with to reactivate got sealed in the temple this week.  Also a sister in the ward gave me a horse statue, but I have know idea how I will get it home.

We started to spend a lot more time in the area this week and it was great.  There are a couple of young men, Ivan and Brayan, who have been coming out with us almost everyday.  They are great, but neither of their dads are members so they need a lot of support.

There is a recent convert here is fantastic.  Her name is Nora and she is about 60.  Every time that we visit her she knocks on her neighbors doors to invite them to speak with us.  I wish everyone would do the same.

Elder Payare is great.  He is a perfectionist and a super hard worker, but also is crazy at times.  We always come back to our room exhausted.  Everyone tells me that I am going down hill for my time, but it feels like I have been doing more work after the year mark.  I am also starting to realize how much there is to do and how little time we have on a daily basis.  Time is one of Gods greatest gifts.

It is interesting to balance zone things with area things, but it made me realize that in life we will always have to find a balance between the temporal and the spiritual.

Elder Perryman

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