Monday, May 26, 2014

Baños del Inca!!!!!!!

So basically my life is wonderful.  To start off I will answer a few questions.  Cajamarca is basically the promised land for missionaries in the mission.  Elder Tacuri is my new companion.  I knew him before, so we are getting along.  He is finishing his mission in four weeks, but we are working hard here.  I am a District Leader now which is fun.  Also thank you for all the photos of Sam and his adventures.

This feels like the high point of my mission; with the area and with lessons.  We needed no time to teach well together as a companionship and we are working well with the members.  This week we are working with helping a family come back to church.  They all came Sunday and the father has plans to baptize his oldest son and give a baby blessing on his two youngest sons.  It is the best to work with families.

Also this week we went to Llarahuaca which is a small village that is a little outside of Baños del Inca [Baths of the Inca].  We taught Nicolas and his family about the importance of marriage.  We taught him with his wife and his two children, and there spouses.  So it was interesting to see the spouses poking their husbands during the lesson.

For P-day we went to Llacanora (the names here are tough)  to explore.  There are two natural waterfalls and it is beautiful.  I couldn't resist but climb up the waterfalls with my companion.  Also my area is called Baños [Baths] because the is a natural hot-springs in the center of the town.  Also this week I finally had the opportunity to shower with a bucket because we didn't have water in the morning.

Elder Perryman

PS photos, I have a million, but here are a few:

The waterfall in Llacanora (my area)

Basically my area is wonderful

My farewell in Ferreñafe

The Bus ride to Cajamarca

My room/companion

A member in my ward makes the coolest paintings of temples

Hno Miguel and his work


Monday, May 19, 2014


I am going to Cajamarca!!  I am not 100% sure yet, but word on the street is that I will be in Urrabamba, and I will be in a grupo familiar (family group) which means that it will be smaller than a branch.  Woohoo! I am excited because that means that we will be working a lot with members,

Elder Palacios is going home tomorrow.  It is weird to think so much time has gone by since my first change. I keep seeing so many great missionaries finishing there missions and I feel like I just got here.

I do not have a whole lot of time because I am visiting like a million people to say goodbye today.  I will miss the families of this ward so much.  Sunday I gave a talk and so did Luis, who is a new member.  Luis and his twin Jesus were baptized right as I came in to the area, and it has been a privilege to watch them grow in the gospel.  And to see how it has effected their family.  Their father used to not give them permission to go to church, but in time he wanted his other son, Rodolfo, to be baptized as well.  I hope that I can visit Ferreñafe again after my trip to Cajamarca.

What else...there was an earthquake this week so that was pretty cool.

This week Joan, a new member, called us asking for a blessing.  He told us that he felt terrible and he didn't know what to do but as he walked outside he saw to doves in his door and decided to call the missionaries.  My testimony of blessings has grown so much in the mission.

I am excited to see what this next chapter of my mission will be like.  I am excited to serve in the Mountains and to eat more cuy (I'm joking mom).  I know that the Lord is preparing his children there for the gospel

Elder Perryman

Monday, May 12, 2014


So Skyping the family was fun.  I wish I could have spoken more with Sam, but it was super nice to be able to see his face.  Also I realize how much a loving family is a blessing in my life.

So since we already talked this week I will just share a story.

This week as we were taking a car from Chiclayo to Ferreñafe I started talking with the driver, Felix, and he was a super nice guy.  He began speaking about his life and the strange jobs that he had in Lima.  Actually in Callao, which is the dangerous part of Lima.  He had a job selling coke from tienda to tienda (store to store) and he had an extremely dangerous area.  On his first day working a group of guys saw his uniform and mugged him.  He said that they told him that the next time he would have to bring more money or they would do something worse.  He didn't want to lose his job, so he prayed for what to do.  He told me that later in the day he had the idea to work dressed as a homeless man.  So he went to work the next day with one sandal, ripped jeans, and a dirty shirt.  The same guys who mugged him just yelled "Oye Loco!" at him, but left him alone.  He was able to go from store to store selling in his area without anyone bothering him and he ended up having some of the best sales in the City.

It makes me think of how sometimes, we have challenges so big it looks like the only option is to quit.  But when we are backed up against a wall, that is when we must exercise faith.  Through prayer, we can ask, receive, and give thanks, for all the blessings we will ever need.

Elder Perryman

Monday, May 5, 2014

Feliz Dia de La Madre!


I am so excited to Skype this week, but I am sad to hear that I can't Skype Sam too.

So this week flew by and we had a lot of great/interesting experiences as usual.  We leave and teach with the youth who are preparing for missions a lot which is a huge blessing.  This week we visited Jose, a new investigator, and as we were talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ he had no fear to speak about his need to be baptized.  I love when people don't know exactly why, but have a humble desire to follow Christ into the waters of Baptism.

Also this same day we walked by the house of an old Spanish lady who we had taught before.  We talked for a little bit and i gave her "The Family: La proclamación del Mundo" and she kissed my hand.  It was weird for me because I feel like hand kissing is super old timey.  I am sorry Becca, if you are reading this, that a lady kissed me (just on the hand) on my mission.

My favorite part of this week was when we cleaned the chapel with the Bishop.  There was un Monton de dust in our library and our bishop kept saying "Que lastima" which made me giggle inside.  But what I really enjoyed is after we mopped the floors (we have tile, not carpet) we sat outside waiting for everything to dry.  While relaxing a little bit our bishop talked to us about just about everything, the mission, his life, what it is like to be a bishop.  It really gave me an appreciation for everything that bishops do throughout the world.

Elder Perryman

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pie de Manzana!

So this week has been loads of fun.  I am going to start off by talking about food so I can focus on more spiritual matters latter.  This week the pensionista of Tarapca, Hna Irma, wanted to know how to make apple pie so we made apple pie with her one day this week.  It was fantastic.  But it was fun to help Hna Irma because she helps the missionaries in Ferreñafe so much.

Sunday we were walking home from a members house and a member, Jessica, passed by and told us to visit her son Fabricio in the hospital.  We went over and visited her son and bumped into the Bishop from the other ward (Ferreñafe).  As we left I thought of the impression it might have left on the people to see how the members of this church look out for one another.  It dawned on me that even visiting the sick can have an impact for missionary work.

This week we visited a lot of members with Omar, who recently got back from his mission in Guatemala.  When we visited the teachers quorum President, Jose, we had such a great lesson.  We explained to him the importance of his calling, and that out of every person in the ward only four members have the keys to minister and delegate in their quorum.  It was great to see him think of how much good a young teacher can do.

We had a multi-zone conference this week, and it was great.  President Risso gave a fantastic talk about why the church is true, based on the doctrine, the restoration, and the ordinances.  He focused a lot on temples.  That when people see temples they know that they are houses of God, and that we have a duty to explain why they are sacred.  Also it was great to see a couple of great missionaries from my group and talk about how the mission is going.

Elder Perryman

PS: one of the photos is of me with my gemelos (twins) they help so much with the work here, and I can not wait to see them go on their missions one day.