Monday, May 26, 2014

Baños del Inca!!!!!!!

So basically my life is wonderful.  To start off I will answer a few questions.  Cajamarca is basically the promised land for missionaries in the mission.  Elder Tacuri is my new companion.  I knew him before, so we are getting along.  He is finishing his mission in four weeks, but we are working hard here.  I am a District Leader now which is fun.  Also thank you for all the photos of Sam and his adventures.

This feels like the high point of my mission; with the area and with lessons.  We needed no time to teach well together as a companionship and we are working well with the members.  This week we are working with helping a family come back to church.  They all came Sunday and the father has plans to baptize his oldest son and give a baby blessing on his two youngest sons.  It is the best to work with families.

Also this week we went to Llarahuaca which is a small village that is a little outside of Baños del Inca [Baths of the Inca].  We taught Nicolas and his family about the importance of marriage.  We taught him with his wife and his two children, and there spouses.  So it was interesting to see the spouses poking their husbands during the lesson.

For P-day we went to Llacanora (the names here are tough)  to explore.  There are two natural waterfalls and it is beautiful.  I couldn't resist but climb up the waterfalls with my companion.  Also my area is called Baños [Baths] because the is a natural hot-springs in the center of the town.  Also this week I finally had the opportunity to shower with a bucket because we didn't have water in the morning.

Elder Perryman

PS photos, I have a million, but here are a few:

The waterfall in Llacanora (my area)

Basically my area is wonderful

My farewell in Ferreñafe

The Bus ride to Cajamarca

My room/companion

A member in my ward makes the coolest paintings of temples

Hno Miguel and his work


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