Monday, June 2, 2014

Baños de Coringo

This week was great, but it has been a lot of work.  We share the ward with the sister missionaries and there was some confusion over who is teaching who and our area book was a mess.  So this week we took a lot of time organizing the area books and getting lists of members and quorums.  Though I do not like to organize a lot, I have learned that it is vital in the mission.

Also this week a less active family invited us over to eat.  Fernardo, the dad, asked me if I knew how to make american burgers and of course I said yes.  So I had the opportunity to grill for the first time in forever which was fantastic because I miss a good hamburger (sorry mom).  But the best news is that they came to church this week, so we will continue to visit them.

Also in this area our mission leader is super organized.  In my last two areas my mission leaders didn't do much, but here he helps us a lot.  I have learned that members really are the motor for missionary work in their ward or branch.  Without the help of members we are just touching doors all day.

Today President Risso came to say goodbye to Cajamarca.  I had a good interview with him and I am excited to meet the next president, President Williams.  Also because the whole zone got together, Elder Flores came down from Chota, which is about 4 hours away.  So he is staying the night with us, which is fantastic because he was my second companion in the mission and one of my favorites.

Elder Perryman

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