Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Fathers Day!!!!!!

I am so sorry I am forgetting about holidays and birthdays.  Time is passing by and every holiday here seems the same.  The commercialism in the states hasn't arrived here yet so I don't have stores to remind me what holiday is next.

The weeks here are flying by.  I am now waiting for my next companion.  I will receive him Tuesday night and we will go right to work.  Right now I am with Elder Saldaña, who is from my group.  He is great, he works hard and is just a nice guy.  He even helped me clean my room today for the new arrival.

The Miranda family is the family of the youth who just got baptized.  I feel so blessed to be able to visit this family and see them reactivate in the church.  They have the best kids.  One of there children is hyperactive (reminds me of someone) and in church he was asking me to show him magic tricks in the middle of sacrament meeting.  But I gave him my daily planner and a pen so that he could draw.  But Max, the father, is fantastic, he has such a strong testimony and all he wants is to see his three boys go on missions.

So seeing another companion finish his mission is bitter sweet, I am starting to feel old now.  But I am excited for the changes to come.  Also this new change means a new mission president.  I am happy because my area has so much potential.  It is one of the wealthier areas so many missionaries say it is hard, but I think the members here are willing and ready to work.

And I just want to take some time to wish my Father a happy Fathers Day.  I owe so much to my dad.  He is an example of humility and strength, of love and intelligence.  I really hope that I can return one day and know that I made him proud.  He never had the opportunity to serve a mission as a youth, so in many ways he is serving through me.

Elder Perryman

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