Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pie de Manzana!

So this week has been loads of fun.  I am going to start off by talking about food so I can focus on more spiritual matters latter.  This week the pensionista of Tarapca, Hna Irma, wanted to know how to make apple pie so we made apple pie with her one day this week.  It was fantastic.  But it was fun to help Hna Irma because she helps the missionaries in Ferreñafe so much.

Sunday we were walking home from a members house and a member, Jessica, passed by and told us to visit her son Fabricio in the hospital.  We went over and visited her son and bumped into the Bishop from the other ward (Ferreñafe).  As we left I thought of the impression it might have left on the people to see how the members of this church look out for one another.  It dawned on me that even visiting the sick can have an impact for missionary work.

This week we visited a lot of members with Omar, who recently got back from his mission in Guatemala.  When we visited the teachers quorum President, Jose, we had such a great lesson.  We explained to him the importance of his calling, and that out of every person in the ward only four members have the keys to minister and delegate in their quorum.  It was great to see him think of how much good a young teacher can do.

We had a multi-zone conference this week, and it was great.  President Risso gave a fantastic talk about why the church is true, based on the doctrine, the restoration, and the ordinances.  He focused a lot on temples.  That when people see temples they know that they are houses of God, and that we have a duty to explain why they are sacred.  Also it was great to see a couple of great missionaries from my group and talk about how the mission is going.

Elder Perryman

PS: one of the photos is of me with my gemelos (twins) they help so much with the work here, and I can not wait to see them go on their missions one day.

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