Monday, May 5, 2014

Feliz Dia de La Madre!


I am so excited to Skype this week, but I am sad to hear that I can't Skype Sam too.

So this week flew by and we had a lot of great/interesting experiences as usual.  We leave and teach with the youth who are preparing for missions a lot which is a huge blessing.  This week we visited Jose, a new investigator, and as we were talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ he had no fear to speak about his need to be baptized.  I love when people don't know exactly why, but have a humble desire to follow Christ into the waters of Baptism.

Also this same day we walked by the house of an old Spanish lady who we had taught before.  We talked for a little bit and i gave her "The Family: La proclamaciĆ³n del Mundo" and she kissed my hand.  It was weird for me because I feel like hand kissing is super old timey.  I am sorry Becca, if you are reading this, that a lady kissed me (just on the hand) on my mission.

My favorite part of this week was when we cleaned the chapel with the Bishop.  There was un Monton de dust in our library and our bishop kept saying "Que lastima" which made me giggle inside.  But what I really enjoyed is after we mopped the floors (we have tile, not carpet) we sat outside waiting for everything to dry.  While relaxing a little bit our bishop talked to us about just about everything, the mission, his life, what it is like to be a bishop.  It really gave me an appreciation for everything that bishops do throughout the world.

Elder Perryman

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