Monday, May 12, 2014


So Skyping the family was fun.  I wish I could have spoken more with Sam, but it was super nice to be able to see his face.  Also I realize how much a loving family is a blessing in my life.

So since we already talked this week I will just share a story.

This week as we were taking a car from Chiclayo to Ferreñafe I started talking with the driver, Felix, and he was a super nice guy.  He began speaking about his life and the strange jobs that he had in Lima.  Actually in Callao, which is the dangerous part of Lima.  He had a job selling coke from tienda to tienda (store to store) and he had an extremely dangerous area.  On his first day working a group of guys saw his uniform and mugged him.  He said that they told him that the next time he would have to bring more money or they would do something worse.  He didn't want to lose his job, so he prayed for what to do.  He told me that later in the day he had the idea to work dressed as a homeless man.  So he went to work the next day with one sandal, ripped jeans, and a dirty shirt.  The same guys who mugged him just yelled "Oye Loco!" at him, but left him alone.  He was able to go from store to store selling in his area without anyone bothering him and he ended up having some of the best sales in the City.

It makes me think of how sometimes, we have challenges so big it looks like the only option is to quit.  But when we are backed up against a wall, that is when we must exercise faith.  Through prayer, we can ask, receive, and give thanks, for all the blessings we will ever need.

Elder Perryman

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