Monday, March 23, 2015

Rain, rain go away!

This week it has been raining it Chiclayo.  It hasn't been raining hard, but Chiclayo can't handle even a little bit of rain. I will send photos next week.  A couple days this week we have woken up and parts of our room have been wet, and the streets here are super muddy.  I like it though, because I miss rain, just it isn't super good for missionary work.

President Williams came this week to visit some of the rooms in our zone.  His wife brought chocolate chip cookies and it made me miss Moms cookies so much.  When President came into our room and saw that we have a mini soccer field set up he tried to shoot for a goal.  We visited the other rooms and everything went well.

Also this week we moved the Sisters from Los Andes into a new room.  They are super lucky because the owner of the house left an arm chair and a dining room table for them to use.  But it was a work out to take apart all of there stuff to move.

This week that is coming up Billy Brian is going to come and teach with us.  Since Henry left we haven't had many members to come out with us, but this will get better in the weeks to come.  The best way to find new people to come out with us is by reactivating them and helping them see how fun mission work really is.

I love you all

Elder Perryman

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