Monday, January 26, 2015

Goodbye Elder Caceres

So this has been the fastest transfer I have had on my mission.  Elder Caceres has a change and I am staying here in La Victoria.  Elder Caceres also got accepted into BYU-I today so he is super excited.  We already have plans to meet up after the mission.

This week has been nice, because we didn't have many meetings or other zone stuff to worry about.  We just focused on the area.  We feel great about our work for this week and I feel like the area has gotten better then when I got here.  But the best thing is when we meet new families in the week.  I love that as a mission we are focusing so much on the family.

This week we met a man who found the Book of Mormon in the street and wanted to meet with us.  His name is Alberto and he is a little eccentric.  We explained to him the Book of Mormon and he told us that he was so glad that there was a clearer book than "the stuff Moses wrote."  He was funny and talked a little like a Spanish Yoda, but I love seeing a sincere desire to learn more of the Book of Mormon.  It is so important for everyone in the word to at least read and meditate about this book, and then ask the Lord if it is true.

Mom I am sorry I do not write many "details" in my letters, the days just feel like a blur to me.  But I have seen so many tender mercies from the Lord this week.  We have been meeting with members to strengthen their families and get references and I can truly see how I one day want to raise my own family.

Elder Perryman

There is a member here who makes cool Peruvian ties.  I just sent a picture to see if Dad or Sam would like any (let me know).

We had an all North American district.  We celebrated by singing "Our country tis of thee" to finish off the transfer!

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