Monday, January 12, 2015

Cockroach City!

I do not feel older, I still feel like a youngin´.   We started off the week with the leadership council with President.  This went super well.  These meetings always get us supercharged to work during the week.  It was super funny because two of President Williams sons were there and during the break he was playing ping pong with one of them.  While they were getting competitive Presidents other son came up with his Mission Manual raised above his head saying "Dad you know that you cant keep score".  It was super funny.

I put cockroach city because our room is infested with cockroaches.  We see one at least everyday.  Our room is clean, it is just that the cockroaches are all over this area of Chiclayo.

This week was a super tough week for us.  We are doing fine and Elder Caceres is by far one of my favorite companions, but the people here are hard hearted sometimes.  Sunday we went out with a member, Freddy, who is a recent convert,.  Last time he went out with us we just contacted so we planned to have appointments all day Sunday.  Many of these appointments fell as the families were drinking outside, but we walked to one appointment and their house was gone.  I mean GONE.  We made the appointment Saturday and Sunday afternoon when we came back the house was an empty lot with adobe bricks.  All we could do was laugh, but Freddy thought that we were messing with him.

This week we also had a great lesson with Henry.  We were teaching a family about the book of Mormon and they started doubting a lot of the things which we had said.  After they had asked everything Henry just gave an incredibly strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and how it truly converted him.  After the lesson we spoke more about his conversion and he told us that after his baptism every time he tried to pray at night he had a nightmare.  He told his mom (who is not a member) about how he couldn't sleep so he would stop praying.  She just told him "Well, who is stopping you from praying?"  After that he realized that he must always pray.  He told us that he started to put the Book of Mormon under his pillow and the nightmares started to go away.

I know this gospel is true.  I am never bored of it, I never stop learning.  I am so happy to be here at this time.  Sure I get bored of rice everyday, but my motive to be here is my Savior.  I am excited for this next week and I hope I will finally have some good photos to send.

Elder Perryman

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  1. It's really tough to have to deal with the persistent threads of rabid nature, such as that one. Where it seems there is no escape, since it's all in the environment. Well, there's a certain level of presence we can allow the bugs and pests to make sure that the surroundings ain't too unsettled, but at some point we will have to carve our own living space with set boundaries that contain what it is we should allow it to contain. It's just a matter of finding the balance between the two, and the kind of pest control service that will ultimately do the trick. All the best!

    Debra Owen @ Invader