Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Elder Cosentino Buentino!

My New companion is Elder Cosentino from Argentina!  He is from my MTC group, which means that we go home the same day.  He is super funny and a fanatic of soccer.  He doesn't know English (very well), but we read the Book of Mormon together in English.  It is going to be another good change here in La Victoria.

Mom to answer your question, the people here in Peru are a very happy people.  But it is true what you said, there is racism.  In Cajamarca you could see it a lot more than here on the coast.  Also People just yell "Chino," "Negro," or "Colorado" in the street or even as a term of affection.  And yes I clean my shoes daily, but there is a lot of dirt here.

When we were out contacting the other day we knocked on a door and a kid came out (they always send there kids to say that no one is home).  The little kid said "my mom went to the market" and my companion told him "ask your mom when she is coming back."  The kid didn't quite catch what Elder Cosentino said, so he went to ask his mom and when he came back he said "my mom says later."  I couldn't help but laugh at this.

Also this week we visited Wilder and his wife.  Wilder was explaining to us how he hasn't been able to go to church for a while because of his job.  Wilder is a big, burly teddy bear, but his job keeps them from being an eternal family.  He is trains chickens for cock fighting and there are about 100 reasons why this is against the teachings of Jesus Christ.  But we just taught them "The Family: A Proclamation for the World" and explained to him how important it is to be sealed in the temple.  We asked him what he would be willing to sacrifice to obtain and eternal family and without hesitation he said "my job."  It was sad, but the spirit was strong.  This moment was a testimony to me that there is no sacrifice to great to have an eternal family.

A sister from our zone is also going home today because she fractured her foot.  I am so thankful that nothing has happened to me on my mission.  Because I am very grateful for every second.

I have started to memorize "The Family" in Spanish and it is really helping.  The mission has changed to focus so much on the family and I am incredibly blessed for this.  It has helped me think a lot about how much I must prepare now to become the best Father possible one day.

I love you all,
Elder Perryman

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