Monday, February 16, 2015


Another week in a very dusty paradise...we are starting to see more progress in our area and in the zone, but it is always little by little.  But what makes me happier than anything else is that we are starting to find more families.

This week I did a work visit to Chosica.  Chosica the rural part of the zone so it brought back memories of some of my last areas.  It was a good visit and we found two famlies to teach while I was there.  Also two people told me that they thought I was Latino and that made my day.

Another missionary in our  zone went home for health reasons.  He is a great missionary and I hope to see him again in three months.

Elder Cosentino is reading the Book of Mormon in English with me everyday and it is great for two reasons.  I find Latino accents in English the funniest thing on earth and Elder Cosentino is naturally really funny.  But the other more important reason I enjoy reading with him is because we read sloooooow.  It is so important for us to sometimes stop and ponder or take our time reading.  Reading the Book of Mormon should never be like a quick lunch to keep us going in the day, but it should be like a spiritual banquet where we savor each bite.  The is a reason for every word and verse in the Book of Mormon, and we must discover why the prophets inscribed each word.

I hope you all have a great week.

Elder Perryman

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