Monday, July 28, 2014

Noche de postres!

Wow this time is flying!  I feel like the weeks here are days. Because I was asked, I live about 15 from Cajamarca and almost all the missionaries are in the center of Caja.  Cajamarca feels more developed then Chiclayo because there are more cars (less motos) and it has 2 malls (both malls have KFC).  But my area is huge.  I live near the center of Baños but we are always teaching far away in the hills.  So usually after lunch we take a combi or a bus to Puylucana or el Inca and spend the day teaching there.

Speaking of teaching far away, one of my favorite families here is the Vargas family.  They are great and despite living far away they walk to church.  The parents are not members but are faithful coming to church and are super receptive.  We gave there father a health blessing when I first came to this area, because he couldn't even get out of bed.  But now he is hiking to church.  The one problem is he is not married, and the marriage process is a big ugly monster here in Peru, but we are doing everything to help.

This week we had a dessert night.  I made an apple pie with my companion and my pensionista.  I attached a photo of us with the pensionista and her mom.  What I have learned is when there is food at a church event everyone comes.

Heiner Yancan was baptized this week!  He is the best, but his name is hard to say.  He is a convert of the sisters but I got to interview him.  I talked with him for about an hour and a half (the longest interview that I have had) but I felt the spirit so strong.  He had so many questions for me, but also knew so much.

The last picture is of Bernardo Cusma.  He is fantastic, and has a lot of cool historical things in his house.  But that is not why he is fantastic.  He has a super strong testimony and walks about 2 miles to get to church (he lives on top of a hill too).  We have plans to baptize his grandson, Richard, soon.  Richard also is sweet and he told us that he wants to go on a mission.  It makes me soooo happy when youth say that they are preparing for the mission.  I really do not count how many baptism I have had in the mission, I count how many youth I help prepare for the mission.

Sunday we went to visit a less active member and he invited us into a tent like thing (a bunch of sticks with a tarp covering it) and it turned out to be a"church".  It was an interesting experience, because they were using the "True to the Faith" manual to teach.  The pastor invited me to speak and I shared the story of Apollos from the Bible.  I invited them all to pray for themselves to know what is the truth and then we left.  It was nice because the lady who lives there invited us to come back just to talk with her and her son.

Anyway today is the independence day of Peru so I will have a bunch of photos next week.

I love you all, the church is true.  I know it.  I love this work because I know it is the work of my Savior.

Elder Perryman

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