Monday, July 21, 2014

Feliz dia de pollo a la Brasa!

Mom I am sorry that I do not write more, the weeks now are flying by am I am starting forget what happened three days ago.  But I do know that this week was great/stressful.

One thing that I love about his mission is that we work a lot in reactivation.  Two of the men that we helped come back to church went to Lima for two months for FUNDET.  FUNDET is a program here that helps members of the church receive career training.  Cliever, one of the men who left, put us in charge of teaching his family the gospel, because he is the only member in his family.  He has two boys, Marlon (10) and Bryan (12), who are super great.  They have a white board in their house, so we always draw to teach.  While teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ we drew a temple and ice cream for "endure till the end".  It was super funny because when we asked "why must we be baptized" Marlon said "to return to God and eat ice cream."  I wish that every adult has as much excitement for the gospel as do little children.

My companion takes more pictures then me, so I will get his photos after the mission, but I still take a few.  One of the photos is just to show how sometimes when there is no running water we have to shower with a bucket, which is actually not as bad as it sounds.  One picture is of a bunch of model planes that an investigator has.  It made reminded me a lot of dads office.  And the last photo is of my companion and I sharing a love for fried chicken.

The saddest part of this are for me, and the part that I want to change, is that the Young Men's program is weak.  So we are doing everything possible to help.  My largest goal in the mission is to see youth who I worked with go on the mission, because I know how much it can help every single one of them.  We have sports night and my companion and I are going to start giving mission prep classes.  I love this mission because it is so much more than "touching doors" it is really working to strengthen a whole ward.

Elder Perryman

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