Tuesday, July 1, 2014



Another week in paradise.  And I am forgetting how to spell in English...

We have a new [Mission] President and he is coming up to Cajamarca this week, so I am super excited to meet him.  But from what I have heard he is a great guy.

One of my zone leaders hurt his foot playing soccer so I have been helping in their area because they are part of my district.  Also my companion went to Lima this week finalize his visa.  It was fun working in Cajamarca, but Baños is the best area in the mission so I missed it in my time away.  I also went to Magdalena to retrieve birth certificates for a marriage.  Getting married is a whole mess of paper work here so most people just don't get married.  Anyway Magdalena is about 2 hours away from Cajamarca and the trip to get there is beautiful (I attached a picture).  But the town is super tiny and it is in the middle of the nowhere.  But I enjoy traveling to new places so it was fun.

Also this week we went to El Inca to visit member and we saw an old lady with a tank of gas.  We offered to take it to her house for her and when we asked her where she lived she told us "just around the corner", which I later found out is code here for 2 miles away up hill.  We turned the corner and found no houses, after asking for a bit more directions she told us that her house was on top of a huge hill.  When we finally got to the top (half an hour later) we taught her about the restoration.  It was a unique moment to teach about how there is a prophet on the earth while you are overlooking a whole city.  Also Elder Gomez is the best because he always teaches with a surety, even though he only has 3 years as a members.

Also I talked about Brother PPC last week so I attached a picture with him.  He has an OSU hat, which makes me happy.

Elder Perryman

One more thing...A youth in my last ward wrote me this and it made my day :)

Elder Perryman. Such as this. Well I guess ....
Well I am writing to inform you that I am very well, the young people you taught are active.  Now I am no longer the YM Secretary  and I was relieved with the whole presidency.  And my call now occupies my best friend Gerson, and the twins are the 1st and 2nd counselors and MARCO President.  I am now authorized representative of YSA with Sister Estefhanya.  I also want to thank you for being my friend, thanks for your help, thank you for giving me the opportunity to go out with you teaching.  I am very grateful to my Heavenly Father to get to know you in these days.  Ahh well I Saturday 28 there will be a Mini MTC in the stake and I will be there with, Brother Luis Antonio, Brother Jesus Alberto, Brother Yimy, Sister Estefhanya, Brother Miguel Chavesta . Good ... I bid you  farewell Elder Perryman, we love you and I miss you personally . I will be writing and also tell you where I have to serve, as soon as I reach my calling ... I love this photo:)  (it is the photo of the baptism of Gerson)

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