Monday, July 7, 2014

President Williams is the best!

President Williams is the best!  I got on today to write him and I saw that he responded in English.  Now I don't know if I should write him in Spanish or English, because English is easier to write, but Spanish is easier to spell.  The meeting with President Williams was great.  He is super funny, but extremely organized.  Also it is interesting because his wife doesn't speak Spanish, so he helps translate a lot of things for her.  But it made me remember my first weeks, when I new about nothing.  But President Williams speaks with a lot of confidence, and it is obvious that this will be a great year.

My companion is also doing well.  He is one of my favorite companions so far.  And probably the hardest working.  Everyone in the zone asks if we just party everyday because we are both very extroverted.  We don't party (of course we are missionaries) but we love working together, and I think we do a good job too.

Today we left to explore Cajamarca.  We went to a town that makes guitars here in Peru and we went to a couple cool rock faces.  Also we went to a part of my area (which I was unaware of) which has a cave and a bunch of ancient paintings.  In the next week we are I am thinking about going to La Colpa, which is a field that has the "named cows" with Elder Lalli (the tall guy in one of the photos) and his district.  They say it has  "named cows" because every cow responds to its name and acts like a dog almost.

This area is great, but right now one of my favorite investigators is Danny.  He is thirteen and comes to church by himself, he also lives far away.  He parents are less active, but has such a strong testimony.  He even bore his testimony Sunday and he wants to everything possible to be baptized and help strengthen his family.  Sometimes its is the smallest children who teach the parents.

Elder Perryman

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