Monday, March 31, 2014


So this week was great.  It is finally getting into the fall "season".  I am so glad that summer has passed.  I know it is weird to think that it was summer here.  But since summer time is gone we have permission to go to the beach again!  So we went as a zone to Pimentel this week.  It was so much fun because we played frisbee and AMERICAN Futbol on the beach.

This week Elder Riddle bought a basketball last pday so we have been getting up early to play ball at the church with our companions.

My bishop has a lot on his plate right now so one day while we were at his house I offered to help him with his job in the morning.  He builds houses and makes adobe bricks.  I enjoy learning how to do different things so this was fun for me.  I know that I will never make adobe at home, but it was super fun to learn how to do it.

One of my favorite youths in the ward is Armando.  He is incredibly Christlike and is a fantastic member missionary.  This week when he left us one of our recent converts, Joan, offered him a job.  He later said that he has been looking for a job to help him prepare for his mission.  The Lord always has his hand in everything.

This week was fast and testimony meeting because of conference.  One sister in our ward bore the most humble yet strong testimony.  I know that when the gospel of Jesus Christ takes root in the heart of people, it can change their lives.  As a missionary I am extremely blessed to see this happen day by day.

Elder Perryman

PS this is a photo of my area, I have so many photos but right now the computer isn't loading them

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