Monday, March 10, 2014

Otra semana en Paraiso

Hola familia,

This week was the baptism of Alberto.  We basically just work with the Young Men's program here and it helps a lot.  I love the picture below with his friend Max.  They are both super great young men and Max will soon follow the example of his friend and be baptized.

This week we visited the cemetery of Ferreñafe.  It is fantastic.  There are statues of the Twelve along the main road and it is all decorated well.  Peruvians have a high regard for there ancestors.

So the sun is super strong here.  Before the mission I thought the climate would be perfect.  But I was unaware of how rare air conditioning is here.  Every night I have the fan on right next to my face.  But luckily fall is coming soon.  It is weird to think that fall is close.

Its super cool to here that Matthew will be joining me in the ranks of Spanish speaking missionaries.  There is a missionary from my zone who is from Chihuahua, Mexico.  I hear that the area is nice and that they keep the missionaries away from any danger.

I am already super excited for conference.  I cannot wait to hear the prophet speak and help me see what I need to do as a missionary. I love being able to tell people, to let them know, that there is a prophet in the world today.  How great of a message.

Elder Perryman

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    Who are those who are included in salvation? All men who believe and obey what the apostle Peter preached on the Day of Pentecost are saved. It does not make any difference what denominational name is written on the church building where you worship, if you obey the gospel preached by Peter, then, you are saved, you are a member of the Lord's church, you are part of the church of Christ, you a member of the body of Christ, you are a Christian.

    What did Peter preach?
    1. Peter preached that Jesus was a miracle worker. (Acts 2:22)
    2. Peter preached that Jesus was resurrected from the dead by God the Father.(Acts 2:24-35)
    3. Peter preached that Jesus was both Lord and Christ.(Acts 2:36)
    When the three thousand believe Peter, they asked "What shall we do?"(Acts 2:37)
    4. Peter told them to repent and be baptized in order to have their sins forgiven.(Acts 2:38)

    This is the same message Jesus preached. (Mark 16:16 "He who believes and is baptized will be saved....)

    THE TERMS FOR PARDON ARE: Faith-John 3:16, Repentance-Acts 2:38, Confession-Romans 10:9-10, Baptism (immersion in water) 1 Peter 3:21

    All who meet the terms for pardon are saved regardless of the denominational name on the church building.