Tuesday, March 18, 2014

¿Quieres Jugar Partido?

So this week was amazing.  We saw a miracle happen this week as three more youth were baptized.  They all have such strong testimonies and I am so proud of everyone.  I have seen this Young Men's program grow so much in my time here.  One of the youth said that the reason he joined the church just started with a small question.  "¿Quieres jugar partido?"  It is amazing how much a simple invitation can open up the heart.

I did feel like this whole week I was in Chiclayo.  I was there 4 times this week, generally for meetings.  Meetings are fun sometimes, but I like using my time visiting family.  I always enjoy visiting people here and talking about the gospel.

I had pizza this week in one of the meetings.  President Risso got Pizza hut for all of us in the meeting and it was fantastic.  I haven't had pizza (real pizza) in so long.  I love the food here, but man I miss a good burger.

I love this area, I love this work, I love the Lord.  I hope that everyone can one day realize how much the Lords loves us.

Elder Perryman

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