Monday, March 3, 2014

ahì agua? Ahì luz?

So this week was quite interesting and fun.  This week I taught Kevin and after the lesson his girlfriend Claudia told us about his desire to be baptized.  We talked and put a date for his baptism and he gave me a high five.  He told us two weeks ago that baptism was what worried him because he said that he had a rough past and he is afraid of ever going back.  He has changed his life and I cannot wait to see him dressed in all white for baptism.

So my area is called the land of double faiths.  Partly is because of the witchcraft or Bruajria.  The other day one of the kids picked up a stray kitten and when his mom saw him she spoke in super fast Spanish telling him to put it out and wash his hands of it.  Later my companion explained to me the people use kittens and cuy blanco for "witchcraft" and that's why his mom was so upset.

The other day we went to a members house to eat.  We had mountains of rice and chicken liver with french fries.  It was actually pretty good, but it was huge!  The whole time my companion was saying "ayudame [help me]" and he is Peruvian.  When I almost finished the sister came in and served us each a big bowl of soup.  I just started laughing because I couldn't cry.  But the soup was really good.  And I finished it all, but it was one of my hardest times eating everything.  You cannot be a picky eater on the mission.

Spanish classes are maybe my favorite part of the week.  They are always so much fun and we meet a lot of new people.  I put Raul on my shoulders after English class as we walked home.  Raul is a little 6 year old who lives across the street from us and went to class this week with his older cousin.  The whole time he was yelling "I have four arms".

Friday we came into the room and the roof was leaking.  It looked like it was raining inside.  It turns out that Hna Lucha (our pension) was washing a carpet on the roof and the water seeped through the roof.  On the bright side we used the water to mop our floor this week.

I love the mission.  This week was fast and testimony meeting.  I went up and I was just filled with love as I looked out into the congregation.  I love this ward so much and I could feel the spirit strong in the chapel.  I know that this work is the work of spreading joy.

Elder Perryman

ps.  One of the photos was when the power went off (it happens a lot here) and I showed my companion the glow sticks and he loved them.

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