Monday, February 24, 2014

Classes de Spanglish

Wow this week went by fast.  The last zone meeting the personal secretary , Elder Brunis, and one of the assistants came.  Elder Brunis forgot something in the office so I went with him to get it.  Elder Brunis is in my group and I have always fallen good with him.  It was funny because he is learning English so he would talk to me in English and I would speak in Spanglish.  I seriously love talking with Latinos in English because their manner to say things is so funny.

Speaking of that, this week I we started our classes of English.  It was a lot of fun and we had a good mix of members and investigators there.  I teach with Elder Riddle which is fun because he is super animated about everything.  We are hoping to have even more people in the next class.

I love this ward.  We are always working with the youth here and trying get them excited for missions. This week we have plans to leave with 6 of the young men in the ward.  We always joke with them and try and get everyone to know that the gospel is about joy; it is THE path to happiness.

So I read the thing Aunt Jeanie put about teaching how to make pie.  That is a great idea.  I miss pie, but it reminds me of a cultural thing here.  No one here uses ovens to cook.  I have seen it done once.  What is more common is that if someone happens to have an oven they will just use the stove top and use the oven for storage.  It is actually really smart because the inside of an oven is the best place to store things if you will never use it.

In my first area we almost always contacted.  We went from farm to farm and it was always an adventure.  Now we are working closely with members and always have something on the list.  I love the diversity of missionary work.  We are really here to serve.  One day we can be digging holes or painting houses and in the afternoon be talking to the alcalde (like mayor) about church events and how the gospel of Christ will better the community.  Albaron, an youth in our ward, pointed out that Christ would use a variety of methods to meet and teach, and as representatives of His church, we must do the same.

Elder Perryman

PS  Mom I am sorry that there are no photos in this one, I will make it up to you with more next week.

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