Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day

This week has been fantastic.  I am starting to get along super well with my companion and it just makes everyday feel like fun.  The other day we were walking down the street and a kid started yelling "HELLO" to me.  It is common for gringos to have everyone want to test their English out with them.  I told my companion that the next person who attempts to speak English to me I will contact (I enjoy speaking with everyone), teach, and invite to baptism.  Literally one block later an lady yelled "Hello" and I went to speak English to her.  I was shocked when she replied back (with a thick accent).  It turns out that she is from Ferreñafe, but married someone from Idaho (Idaho Falls to be exact) and she is just down here for a couple of weeks.  We kept talking for a little bit, in Spanish, and we are going to her house Tuesday to eat dinner.

I have see so many great things on my mission.  This week one of our less active members called us in the morning Saturday inviting us to his grill out (yes I know I am getting fat).  We went over, ate, taught a small lesson, and he told us that he knows he needs to come back to church.  He told us of how his pride stopped him form progressing and now he will try and change everything.  This was a complete change of heart for him, a mini miracle.  Really its the best miracle, because it is the change of heart.

On the topic of food this week was the first time I have had "causa" or "causa ferreñafana."  It is a smorgasbord of everything you can find in a Peruvian dish except for rice.  To be precise it had banana, sweet potato, yucca (the potato of South America), corn, fish, potato, and other questionable substances.  It was strange, but so delicious.

Sacrament meeting this week was incredible.  Fasting=miracles.  There were a couple funny things like my companion had the last talk and the bishop never told him until the last minute or one of the many dogs in this country came into the chapel.  But what was incredible was that we had 11 or 12 investigators in the chapel.  I was worried at first because certain investigators weren't there and then we started to sing "Called to Serve" and about three or four investigators entered the chapel.  I love that song.

Elder Perryman

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