Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Las montañas

This week was wonderful.  So here in Peru it is a whole different world.  And some times the patriotic American side of me misses something good and American.  This week I was exploring Chiclayo with my companion and I found a place that sells Oreo milkshakes.  This to me was a tender mercy.  I love speaking about the food of Peru, but they don't sell drinks with ice here, let alone milkshakes.  We are constantly warned here that drinking cold drinks will give us a cold, is that even remotely true?

I love my job.  It really isn't a job, more of a privilege and gift.  I get to use my day visiting families and serving ward members.  But my favorite part is teaching kids.  It doesn't really matter to me if they are 2 or 12 years old, but they are always more willing to accept Christ into there life.  Luigi, our recent convert who is only 12, walked to church by himself last Sunday and passed the sacrament.  It amazes me when younger people love coming unto Christ.

Speaking of youth, this week was EFY (or FSY) for all the youth in our mission.  This Sunday every youth that went bore there testimonies together.  Afterwards all of their parents went up a spoke about the changes in their children.  That word, CHANGE, is the reason why we are here, or more specifically "everlasting change through the atonement of Jesus Christ."

So this week was "festival de la calendaría" which basically (to me) is just another excuse for us Peruvians to have another huge party.  Whenever there are holidays here, people just celebrate in the middle of the street.  I will send some pictures of this in the next weeks email.  But there were a few traditions that were strange to me.  One of which is the "Vaca Loca" which is when people parade around and a few where these cardboard cow costumes.  Another (which is super strange for me) is that they burn huge painted tree trunks in the middle of the street.  Though I imagine that Peruvians would think that super bowl Sunday traditions are strange too.

Anyway the photos I put up are from a hike we took as a zone.  The reason I am in my missionary attire is because I had to go to Chiclayo directly afterward (and a mission rule is that we need to ware missionary clothes).  But at this point all my pants are dusty or dirty because there aren't paved roads everywhere.

Con bastante amor
Elder Perryman

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