Monday, January 27, 2014

La tierra de doble fe

Mom I am sorry, I do not have many photos this week.  So my town is called "the land of double faith" because it is well know to have many people here who practice witchcraft.  My new companion is funny, but is superstitious about many things here.

Yesterday we went to the bishops house to eat lunch.  Our bishop is the best, I council with him so much about what we must do for the ward.  But when we were eating at his house I found a caterpillar in the middle of my spoon.  I knew that I have been in Peru for a while because I just pushed it to the side and kept eating.  I can't imagine what mom would have done.

I have yet to get my birthday package, but it is all good.  My companion and I are starting to click now.  He loves music and he wants to learn English.  So we talk about music a lot and he tries to sing songs in English and it is the funniest thing.  He loves to read and he has also talked about learning Italian.

I don't have many funny stories this week, its just been really hot here and there is a huge carnival in town.  

Elder Perryman

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