Monday, January 6, 2014

Feliz año Nuevo!!!

Wow!  The time is starting to fly.  It is already 2014!  I will be 20 in a matter of days!  And there is still so much to be done.

New Years' was great.  We bunkered down with some other missionaries and celebrated in the house of the pension.  New Years' is crazy here.  Everyone drinks from New Years' Eve (in the morning) until the 2nd (or 3rd) of January.  It would have been impossible to sleep in our room because they set up a huge speaker system in the street and blared music for two days straight.  Luckily the pension of the other missionaries has extra beds.  We were given permission to be out in the streets until 11pm and after that I wouldn't want to be away from a members home.  This is one of their biggest holidays here.  As a tradition people make human sized dolls and burn them in the middle of the street and set off a ton of fireworks.  Basically the streets were on fire.

Despite the fiestas we actually had a pretty good week.  I love working hard, I don know why but it brings me so much joy and when we are stuck in our room for holidays I get antsy.  I have a picture of Luigi and us doing service in his house.  I love this kid and his whole family.  His mom is super nice and wants to be baptized too, but she can't because of her blog.  We had 6 investigators in the chapel and our agendas are filled with appointments.  I have seen how much the members help us here.  It so true that the work of salvation only happens when the missionaries and members work in unity.

It has been fun with Elder Carranza and now I am looking forward as to what lies ahead.  Elder Carranza says that I am going to train, but I think he is joking, because I still feel so new  [Elder Carranza goes home from his mission next week and James will get a new companion].

Elder Perryman


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