Monday, January 13, 2014

Adiós Carranza!

So this was the fastest change on my mission.  I feel like I just started in my new area and Elder Carranza is already leaving.  I am so blessed with all the companions I have had so far, I hope that the Lord will continue to bless me.  Elder Carranza finished his mission strong; we worked hard and we played hard.  He had such a real love for the people; it inspired me.  I honestly didn't feel like we worked this week (don't worry we worked), but it felt like we just had fun everyday.  I don't know how to explain it, but I love serving the people in this area.

I had a lot of crazy experiences this week too.  I know my work is real; I can feel it in every lesson.  During a work visit I taught a family with Elder Riddle.  The spirit was so strong that when he started to say the closing prayer we both started crying.  I love being able to help families out and feel the spirit.  Though sometimes it is difficult to teach families because in many many cases they are single mother homes.  It is sad to see, but emphasizes the importance of teaching the importance of families.

Luigi was baptized this week!!!  He is my favorite.  I have seen such a change in their family.  His mom, Helen, is so great, but has a lot of difficulties.  Yesterday in Sunday school we were talking about reasons to fast and she said "I want to fast for my husband, so that one day he will accept this gospel."  Elder Carranza and I were just sitting in the back of the class with our hands in the air when she said that.  I hope that all of her family will be able to make it to the temple one day.

Sadly this week wasn't perfect.  During the baptism of Luigi, Elder Carranza left all of his stuff in the bathroom to change.  When he came back his wallet was not there.  He was mad, but said that he was more upset that someone stole it while in the church.  But he was cool and was glad we focused more on the work than anything else.

I am really just loving life right now.  I feel so blessed to be here in Peru.  I love seeing the change the restored gospel can have in families, especially my own.

Elder Perryman

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