Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Feliz Año Nuevo

Happy New Year!!  So for new year our days have been really weird.  We worked so hard Monday (normally our P-day) and our Zone meeting also got pushed back.  Also the hours of P-day are weird.  I miss having a normal day-to-day schedule where the weeks are the same.

So I have like a thousand pictures and even more stories from the past couple weeks.  Also I feel like I haven't emailed in forever.  The spirit of Christmas was strong here, even though it didn't feel like the traditional Christmas.

We did a lot of service and because it was hard to go out and teach in these times.  During one of our service opportunities a neighbor came over and talked with my companion and wanted us to visit her home.  It is so great to see how people want the missionaries in their home when they see us do good.

Though many people had problems for Christmas and New Year's.  Here the two holidays are big times for drinking, this is why our P-day is today and we have a [Zone] meeting tomorrow.  It was sad to enter houses and to have people say that because of alcohol their Christmas was ruined.  But there is always more joy than gloom.  One of the houses we went to an investigator gave us a doll to give away for Christmas.  We knew exactly who to give it to.  It was just something small but the light in the eyes of this little girl was something special when we gave it to her.  It makes me so sad to see many children in need, I always wish I could do more.

I love my mission.  I really am starting to realize it is the best thing I have done with my life.  This holiday time was weird for me because even though I loved Skyping my family and everything we did for P-day, I didn't feel completely full of joy.  I only starting feeling that constant joy again when I went back to serving.  I love when I can just visit families and talk of Christ.  There is no greater joy in the world.

I will send more pictures because I have a bunch, but the ones in this email are all of our New Years' Eve afternoon as a Zone.

Te Amo
Elder Perryman

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