Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So to start off, no I do not have a change.  I will probably stay here until May.  But I am really happy because I love this area and I want to help the young men here progress toward there own missions.  I will also be going on my third change with my companion which is a decent amount of time together.

And conference was AMAZING! Especially the first session, last session, priesthood session.  Basically it was all amazing.  My favorite parts were when Holland spoke about defending the faith and about how Richard G. Scott spoke about being faithful examples in the lives of others.  I have been so blessed by so many examples in my life.  I was able to watch all of conference in English this time.  Every gringo in my zone got together in the stake office and watched conference on TV.  It was fantastic.

I love conference.  I always feel like the messages are meant for me.  There was so much about obedience and love for our savior it was inspired.  But one thing which I thought was crucial was when M. Russell Ballard spoke about how every member should have and read Preach My Gospel.  I would like to challenge everyone reading this to read PMG this month, it has simple and perfect doctrine that can guide and direct your life.  It is a tool for life, not just missionary life.

Elder Perryman

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