Monday, April 14, 2014

Feliz Pascua!

Happy Easter

So this months Liahona was amazing!  I love when there are so many things focused on our Savior.  Please watch this video about the impact Christ has on the lives of everyone.

This week went by fast.  I am happy I am still here because I love my ward.  Willy, the Young Men's President is moving to Lima for work so we went to his house to eat on Saturday.  We had a scrumptious Peruvian plate, but had PB&J's for "desert."  I gave Willy one of my boxes of peanut butter because it is [his] favorite thing on earth.

Also this week I helped Pedro with his homework one day in the morning.  He is doing the BYU-I online classes and his English is really good.  It was a lot of fun because it reminded me a lot of school.

Today I went exploring with my companion and we found a small museum in the municipalidad.  I remember being young and loathing museums and now I just want to find museums every P-day.  Though Chiclayo lacks art museums it has a lot of cool historical museums.

I feel so blessed around this Easter season.  We are blessed by modern day prophets testifying of Christ in these days.  I have seen the Priesthood work miracles and I know that the power of God is on the earth.  It is important to remember in this Easter Season that the heavens are not closed, nor will they ever close.

Elder Perryman

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