Monday, April 6, 2015

What a great conference!

This week has been a crazy "Semana Santa" and a great Easter.  This week we have been busy getting ready for conference and helping missionaries move and the week that is coming up is filled with meetings....I hope that for my last change I can just teach, teach, and teach.

This week we ended up using our first day to help move the sister from "la union" into their new room.  It was also fun trying to get all the electric shower heaters up.  Half the zone didn't have one, which means half the zone was showering with cold water.

I did a work visit with Elder Harper this week in "Imperio" and it went really well.  He is a super funny missionary and we just talked about how we can become more effective missionaries.  I have a problem because I like to analyze the numbers.  But I also had the opportunity to visit three of the recent converts in "Imperio" who I had the privilege of meeting in their interviews before [their baptisms].  They all are active and seem to be happier than the first time I met them.  The first year as a member of this church is a super important time to progress in the gospel.

Speaking of recent converts, one my favorite people who we taught in Ferrañafe is going to go on a mission to Quito, Ecuador next month.  He will go even though his father does not want him to even be a member of the church.  He has a lot of challenges, but also one of the greatest stories of real faith.

Wow, this was probably one of my favorite conferences as a missionary.  I especially loved the talks given by Elder Packer, Elder Christofferson, Elder Holland, Elder Pearson, and Brother Gibson.  They made me reflect much upon the Atonement and how this is the time for me to prepare to be a father.  I was especially touched by Elder Hollands talk, because it made me think of my two greatest brothers: Sam and Jesus Christ.  Also Brother Gibson's word made me remember my parents.

It is always important to give heed to the inspired men of today.  I can't wait to read the footnotes in the May Liahona.  Thomas S. Monson will guide me more in my life today than any other prophet.  I have felt blessed to hear so many inspired men this week.

Elder Perryman

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