Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Great Week!


This week has been filled, as always, but really great.  We had the leadership training, zone training, and interviews with President Williams this week.  I love President Williams because he has power behind his testimony.  In the zone training we spoke much about the Holy Ghost and it made me want to study the scriptures more because the "Word" is the way to preach with power.

Kati and Ariceli were baptized this week.  Kati is our pensionista´s best friend and Ariceli is our pensionista´s daughter.  Kati was a Seventh Day Adventist and now she wants to serve a mission.  Also it was a great day because our pensionista is becoming more and more active at church.  I truly do not believe that I was sent here to baptize, but to help those who are lost come back.

Sunday Luis came to visit my ward because he is going on his mission next month.  I gave him a couple of ties and shirts because he needs so much help to go on the mission.  I was incredibly happy to hear that despite the opposition from many of his family members his twin and his younger brother are also going to send in their papers.

Every p-day we play soccer at a synthetic field and we usually talk with the young man who works there.  We have now started to teach him and it is funny how he always asks us when we will visit him when we play soccer Mondays.  Even though at sometimes we feel like people don't want to hear about the gospel, we must always try and be friends of others.  Once we have true friends, then they will understand what our purpose is.

Elder Perryman

p.s. the package came in! Thank you so much Mom and Dad!!!

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