Monday, April 20, 2015


So this week we were in the middle of a lesson and President Williams called us to ask my companion if he wanted to go home early.  This worked out perfectly for him because he will now be able to go to the temple dedication (in Cordova) with his family.  So Elder Cosentino has a change and in two weeks he finishes his mission.  I will stay here, but I do not know who will be my next companion yet.

This week went super well, but no one came to church.  We had a lot of lessons and we are focusing a lot on the less active members here in the ward.  We now have a solid teaching pool, which is great because when I first got here there wasn't much.  I hope that my next companion comes ready to work so that my last change will be a great one.

As a zone today we played soccer Latinos vs Gringos and it actually was a really even game.  I have started to really enjoy soccer and I hope my next companion will want to play too.

This week we had a random contact with a guy in the street while going to an appointment.  When we came back the next day we taught Herman, the man we contacted, and he had so many great questions for us.  At the end of the lesson he gave us sponges to wash dishes...which was really strange.  That night we taught a family and when we finished we gave them the sponges and they told us that they were about to go out to buy sponges.  The Lord works in funny ways, but sometimes the coincidences that we see are so random.

Anyway this week we had the opportunity to really be in the area and teach.  I love teaching and learning more about the gospel, but now I see that the gospel is a life long pursuit, not something that we just find.  We as members of His church must discover and continually rediscover the scriptures.

Elder Perryman

PS I am pretty sure I ate dog this week....

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