Monday, October 6, 2014


So I feel lame today because everyone has seen conference except for the missionaries in Peru.  We had elections this week so conference here has been postponed till this weekend.  Elections are a bit different here because they are one day and are obligatory.  If you don't vote you get a huge fine.  Also there can be no public gatherings on election day.  One of the weirdest things too is that police officers cant vote.

Anyway this week has been fun because we had a multi-zone conference and President Williams came up.  The conference was great and I also had an interview with president and with his wife.  They are both fantastic and I can tell that they have great testimonies of this work.

Tuesday we had a meeting with our stake president and then election day he invited us over to his house for lunch.  Presidente Barbosa is such a great stake President and he helps us so much in the work.  The members make ALL the difference in the work of salvation.

Also this week we went to visit a member in our area and told him of the help that we need in the area.  He told us to wait a second and he left he room.  He (Walter is his name) came back with a map of Cajamarca and started pointing at streets to tell us where members live and who we should visit.  Sometimes they say that we always should find the "Golden investigators" in the mission but "Golden members" are way better to find.

I am so excited to watch all of conference this week!  I know that it will help me so much as a missionary.  I love you all and the next fall conference we can go as as a family :)

Elder Perryman

Abraham Sacrificing Isaac??!!??

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