Monday, October 13, 2014

Conference! (I was late to the party)

So conference was awesome!  I watched the Saturday session in English and the Sunday session in Spanish.  I enjoyed being able to listen to the talks in Spanish and English without translations.  But I especially loved the priesthood session.

So this week we were super low on lessons but we decided to do a lot of service this week.  We helped two different families move into the fourth floor of different buildings.  But thanks to this service we had 10 investigators (4 families) come to conference.  One of the families investigating the church even gave us a ride to church in their van, we even passed by to pick up another family.  But I just feel Like my Heavenly Father has blessed us this week.  To open an area, this is a miracle.

Ia am sorry I do not have photos this week :( Because this computer will not accept my SD card.

One of the new families that we have been teaching is Marivel, Alexis, and Diego.  They live right by us so we just offered to help them move.  Two years ago Marivel lost her husband and she has been searching for a church to solve her doubts.  When Marivel came to conference she cried and said that she had never felt the spirit so strongly, and that she feels like this is the church for her.

I know that this is the church for everybody, because it is His church.  I love that we have a prophet on the earth and I attempt to sustain him everyday with my service.

Elder Perryman

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