Monday, October 27, 2014

Elder Waddell's Visit

So this week an Area Seventy, Elder Cabrera, and a General Authority (Seventy), Elder Waddell came to visit Cajamarca.  I never knew that there was a difference between the first two and the other six quorums of Seventy, but Elder Waddell explained it to us.  Elder Waddell came just to see the missionaries and it was fantastic.  He spoke so boldly about the gospel and how it is to be a missionary.  He speaks with a Spanish (like Spain Spanish) accent so it is just entertaining to listen to him.  But he made it clear that we eat, sleep, and even shower, to baptize.  That the Lord’s work (Moses 1:39) is different from our work (D&C 11:20).  But the greatest thing is that he spoke of how we are not assigned to Peru Chiclayo, but that we are assigned to President Williams.  I forgot my notes (which are in Spanglish) but overall he spoke of how the goal is conversion and not baptism and how that everything that occurs in the gospel is to seal families.

Also for stake conference Elder Cabrera came and spoke about the family.  It was incredible; he spoke of how celestial families should be.  He spoke in such a kind and tender way.  Luckily my pensionista sat up in front and she said that she loved it.  She has a heart of gold and I know that one day she will be sealed to her husband.

Because of the visits, President Williams, his wife, and the assistants came up to visit.  Elder Lalli and Elder Noriega (the assistants) stayed with us for a couple of days and it was great.  Elder Lalli is a good friend in the mission so we talked a lot about Elder Waddell.  Elder Waddell said that the one thing he has learned as a Seventy is that he is nothing.  He also explained a little about what happens before and after general conference.

Anyway I do not have much time left, but I love you all and I will send photos next week.

Elder Perryman

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