Monday, November 3, 2014

Dana Goicochea!

This week has been great.  It has gone by so fast, but has been great.  Our pensionista is the best.  She is not a member, but she is active in the church right now.  She has told us that she thinks that a mission is the best thing that young people can do and wants her son to be a missionary.

Dana Goicochea was baptized this week which was fantastic.  Her mother is a member, but her father is not.  We are trying to teach her other siblings and her father and I know that one day they too will join this great church.

Tomorrow we are going to Chiclayo so this week we wont have a lot of time to work...but to get to see President Williams and have the training meeting.  This week was also changes, but I am staying in Cajamarca for a bit longer :)

Sadly here they do not celebrate Halloween like they do in the states so it has been a pretty calm week.

It is interesting how the Lord is putting people in our path.  For example, the boy who broke his arm is now our investigator with all of his family.  We  have so much work here to do that the hardest part of our work is to manage time.  But time management is such an important skill.

I am so happy to see how small and simple works can have a large impact on others.  I can especially see this in the members here.  When members invite or show brotherly kindness to an investigator or a member returning to church it makes all the difference.  Members truly are the key to the work here.

Elder Perryman

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