Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom!!

So this week has flown.  Monday was transfers, Tuesday we left to go to Chiclayo, we had our meeting Wednesday, and we came back to Cajamarca Thursday.  As beautiful as the trip through the mountains is I would rather take a 40 minute plane ride than 6 hours in bus.

I am guessing that my suit has gotten pretty worn in the mission because when I got to Chiclayo a couple Elders told me that they like my brown suit (it was black).  But our stay in Chiclayo was nice and luckily is wasn't super hot there.  The meeting that we had was very spiritual.

Sunday was great.  We had a catholic friar come to church (in robes and all).  Also we had Jhan and Mily come to church and they are progressing.  Jhan is the kid who broke his arm in the park that we helped.  This is probably the weirdest way that the Lord has put someone in our path, but I am glad we got to know this family.  They are fantastic and always have their Bible open when we visit them.

We have a couple new missionaries in our zone too.  They are fantastic.  I have already gone contacting with one and I am excited for this month.

Happy Birthday Mom!  You are the greatest.  This week I have been reading the last chapters of Alma in the Book of Mormon where it talks about the 2000 Stripling Warriors.  Everything that they accomplished was thanks to their mothers.  I feel the same; I always tell people that without my mother I would not be here and it is the truth.  Thank you for everything mom and happy 39th birthday! ;p

Elder James Oliver Perryman

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