Monday, November 24, 2014

Without email I would have forgotten about Thanksgiving

So yet another crazy week in paradise.

Our shower tube broke this week; luckily the Bishop works in construction.  I am glad that we rent because when these things happen the owner has to pay for it.  I now see how owning your own house is a lot of work.

Elder Gomez (my old companion) got sick this week so we went to the clinic with him.  Despite the fact that he had a crazy fever Elder Gomez never stops making jokes.  It was enjoyable to be with two of my favorite companions for a little bit just to sit and talk.  I have been so blessed here in Cajamarca.  And luckily Elder Gomez is doing better now.

Saturday night we cleaned the church and came home exhausted.  We planned and then went to bed, but at 3am our neighbors started to play the loudest, most horrible music.  It is common here for people to blast music, but this was my first time to be the unfortunate neighbor.  We woke up at 6am super tired to get ready for 8am church.  Needless to say our day has been filled with naps and searching for a new place.

The people here have some weird traditions.  One is when someone is scared, they take an egg, dip it in water and then rub it on their arms and make a cross.  Then they throw the egg away to get rid of the bad spirits.

The last week we went to the hospital to visit an older sister in the ward who had an aneurysm.  She is doing much better.  When we were there I took her by the hand and she started to take off my CTR ring.  It was a good experience, especially because some of her children who were there are not members of the church.

Our pension is doing super well.  She loves to listen to "secret Prayer" in her house and prays powerfully.  The gospel really is "line upon line."  We just need to remember that this process should just be in one direction.  When someone truly searches, prays, and reads the Book of Mormon, it is impossible not to have a testimony of our Savior and his church.

I love you all,
Elder Perryman

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