Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Como, como Méxicano

I completely forgot about Halloween, holidays are so different here, and I cant keep track of what season it is without large store displays near by to remind me.

My companion is awesome.  People ask us a lot if we have contention because he is Mexican and I am a gringo and we always laugh at this.  One of the photos is of us eating tacos, we spend a lot of time talking about Mexican food.  I now eat more like a Mexican, with more spice and a lime with everything.  Sometimes when he offers me something spicy and I say no he says "caballero" which means "cowboy" or in this context "man up".

So we did not get to do a lot of work this week because my companion hurt his foot last Pday.  We went to the doctor and he just told him to take a bunch of drugs.  Like a lot.  But it was fine because medicine is super cheap here.  Elder Flores got his shot and came out limping (because of his foot).  I died laughing because of the face of a little kid who saw him walk out after getting his shot (he was next).

We then went to Chepen to get X rays, which was a crazy experience.  While we were there our landlord, Segundo also came in because he fell off his motor cycle.  It was so sad to see the look of worry on his wife's face.  We tried to help them as much as we could, but I felt so lucky to have the knowledge of the Plan of salvation in that moment.

On Thursday we went to Chiclayo to complete my training with an exam.  It was great to see all the missionaries in my group.  One of the senior companions had a huge pony tail and I asked one of the Elders why.  He simply said "He's from Ecuador".  I have heard the craziest things about Ecuadorian culture.   I also had an interview with President Risso, it was great.  The more I talk with him the happier I am he is my mission president.  Though it was funny when he asked my companion about his foot and after my companion responded with "Pday" President Risso started to make hand motions and say "Ta siempre Pday".  

I have now had Cuy 5 times (which means I'm loved), its alright, and not weird to me at all now.  Piere is our pension now, for the days we are in Pacanga.  I have seen great changes in Piere and I am so happy that he has started his mission papers.

There was a baptism this week for the son of the Branch President.  it was funny because after his baptism President Garrido blasted Mark Antony with the chapel speakers and every one was drinking chicha morrada, I am used to church music and cookies after baptisms.

Also the Presidencia of our branch is crazy.  It was a crazy week of working with them and talking with President Risso, but things seem to be better now.  This has basically taught me that every thing in D&C 121 is true, and we always have to be on the look out for pride.

Now that summer is coming up (isn't that strange) the mosquitos are coming out.  Because I live in a farming village it there are sooo many mosquitos.

I also reread the fourth missionary this week. I love this talk.  Anyone who wants to serve a mission or is serving needs to read it.  We can not serve because it is what I parents want.  We can not simply serve to serve.  We must serve with charity, loving everything.  We cant also be perfect but we can not simply endure our duty.  We must embrace it and find joy in it.  The more I forget myself here, the more fun it is.  Not only is it more fun, but I can feel the spirit more.  It is not enough to simply be obedient, we must want to be obedient.

Te Amo
Elder Perryman

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