Monday, November 11, 2013

Peru: The one place you can rock the satchel

My Companions foot is better so we were able to work hard this week.  Honestly, this week flew by, and I really forget what happened.  I did learn a lot this week though.  Elder Flores helps me a bunch with Spanish and I have taught him a thing or two in English.  We work well together, so we have a lot of fun, and have meaningful lessons.   The other day I told him to "remember the Alamo" because he said something about America and he looked at me confused.  We just both laughed after that.  Many people ask us if we get along because of the border troubles, and we always just smile or laugh when we here that question.  I think I am getting a change in December but I want to keep working with Elder Flores for a bit longer.

It is crazy how much my taste buds have changed (Sorry I always have to talk about food, but it is good here).  There are things which at first I didn't like or thought were weird, like chicha morada, that I now crave.  Mom I will try to stop having cuy, but it is so good, if prepared right.

I am really starting to love the people here, especially the families we teach.  The family of Piere is awesome.  We visit them twice a week and we want for there whole family to become committed to the gospel of Christ.  This week we taught them about the Family: a proclamation to the world.  We were a little hesitant about sharing this, because the parents aren't married, but felt like it needed to be taught.  It went really well, and later in the day the father, Carlos, told us, "I am leaving now, but if you need anything, the door is unlocked, and you are welcome relax in my house."  We didn't accept but it is crazy how much the family loves the missionaries.

It is weird because I do not feel like I know Spanish, but at the end of the day I always realize "Wait I didn't speak any English today".  It is strange because there was no "ah ha" moment or a point where it all came to me. All I know is that my first week I couldn't understand a thing and now I feel comfortable speaking to random strangers about whatever.  I know that this is a gift from God.  Step by step we can walk a mile as we follow
Christ´s footsteps.  Alma explain faith as a little seed could never be clearer to me in my life than now.  I know that the things that are eternal, the things that matter can only be possessed little by little.  Like how a seed turns into a tree or how the ignorant are lifted up into enlightenment, we must be patient with our eternal progression.

Elder Perryman

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