Monday, November 18, 2013


Elder Nelson is coming to our mission this week and I am so excited!!  I don't know why but for us missionaries, stuff like this is bigger than the super bowl (Or the world cup here).  I am excited to here him speak, and we have all been told to think of questions and seek for answers in his visit.

This week has flown by, we have been working hard, especially in Pacanga, and it is starting to pay off.  The people here are so nice, almost every door that we touch lets us in.  The people here love to talk, but that is fine as long as they listen to the discussions about the gospel.

I love learning Spanish.  It is just fun now to study this language.  I really want to learn a third language after my mission too.  It truly is a gift of God to communicate in different tongues.  I feel confident with my Spanish now because we had a reunion in Chiclayo this week for gringos.   In one of the classes we talked about how to learn the language, and the teacher just told us that we have to talk, not be afraid to mess us, and learn jokes.  I think that has helped me a lot.  I am glad Heavenly Father gave me the ability to love jokes.

Peru is great, but there are things here that are normal, that would be bizarre in the states. For example, people walk up and down the streets with open bags of candy selling just one piece at a time.  If that happened in the states someone would be arrested.  Also here seeing 5 people on a moto isn't weird and it is perfectly normal to sit in the trunk of a car.  I love the culture.

While we were in Chiclayo we went shopping at a grocery store, because there aren't any in our zone.  I found BBQ sauce and I thought I was going to cry.  My companion and I ate BBQ chicken for dinner and I felt like I could die happy.

There is also a video we watched about the Atonement and missionary work, which I want to watch everyday.  It is a mix of talks by Eyring and Holland, and it is extremely powerful.  It truly puts into perspective the work of our Savior and how we must follow his path.  This week we ate dinner at a members house and when we finished her son, Carlos, and his friend, Omar, came in.  Carlos is a chef in Trujillo and was inactive, but want to go on a mission, and Omar is one of the few youth in the ward, with about 16 years. We shared a message with there family and talked with them both for a long time.  Usually we don't stay more than an hour in a house, but we made an exception here.  Neither of them have much support from there fathers, but both are fantastic.  We spoke about our duty as disciples of Christ and then talked about Peru, and Mexico, and the US.  It was really fun and it helped my Spanish to speak more casually.  The thing I love the most, is that when we left they we excited to serve missions.  They felt the spirit and they knew what was right.  I pray that there are people to lead ALL young men on missions.  I couldn't help but think about the youth in my home ward and wish that every single one will one day join me in this marvelous work.

Te Amo
Elder Perryman

The first photo is of our dinner (sorry mom)
The second photo is the night my companion found out his girlfriend was engaged.


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