Monday, December 15, 2014

Adios Cajamarca

So I have a transfer...after much time I will be leaving my pueblito Cajamarca.  I will miss this zone and all of the people who are here.  I am the first Elder to say goodbye to my pension, so it was a sad experience for her.  She is sooo happy for all the gifts that you have sent and she says that one days she wants to meet my parents.  But it was hard for me because she asked me "Will you be able to come back for my baptism?" and I wasn't able to say yes.  I know that in the mission it isn't about how many people we baptize, but about how many lives we touch with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This week we met with our mission leader and when he was leaving he noticed that he had a flat tire.  So I had the experience of helping him change his flat, which was a super funny experience for us.

Saturday night the Stake president came to teach a lesson with us to one of our favorite couples.  He testified to them that if they are unable to have children in this life the Lord will give them an opportunity in the life to come.  The Stake president here is so humble, yet so powerful spiritually.  After the lesson we had pizza and continued to talk of how the gospel can bless their lives.  I just love the gospel because it is ALWAYS a message of hope.

I seriously feel like I am leaving family behind in Cajamarca.  More than half the people I told that I am leaving did not believe me and the other half was sad.  I also had the experience to meet with two companions, two pensionistas, and one of my bishops this week, and it was a very special experience for me.  I feel bad for all the missions that have to cook for themselves because they miss the chance to really be part of a family.

I love you all, but I need to catch my bus.

Elder Perryman

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