Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Qué Aventura

My mission is such an adventure.  It is tough, it is hard some days, but it is so rewarding.  We have crazy experiences here, and a lot I cannot write because mom doesn't want me to.  Don't worry mom I am safe and sound here in Pueblo Nuevo.  Last Sunday we learned how to break into the President of our branch´s office.  He left his keys in there during second hour so of course he asked the missionaries to help.  I wont go into details but breaking in required a belt, a broom, and climbing into the rafters.  It was a bit more fun than Sunday school.  That being said, Sunday school is important and vital for learning doctrine.  Also at 11PM one night we received a call from President Garrido because he needed someone to help push his car, the only thing more valuable to a missionary than sleep is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tuesday we had exchanges and I took Elder Roldan on a little tour around Pueblo Nuevo.  He is from Argentina and has about a year of missionary work under his belt.  He is super funny, and we worked like animals that day.  From what he told me Argentina is awesome, but there might be some bias there.

Wednesday we taught Marco and our lessons are a bit less structured now that he is a member.  We were just seeing what questions he had and he started asking about missions.  There is no greater feeling than having a recent convert have a desire to share the gospel.  We talked about it further down the road, but I hope to see him serving by the time I leave Peru.  

Saturday we spent the night making tamales at an investigator, Martina's, house.  She has four kids and her husband passed away so we want to help her as much as we can.  It was fun talking with her and her kids and making tamales, they smelled so good.  She works on the chacras or farms here in Pueblo Nuevo, like most of the people here.  It is a super humbling life, the work is so hard and they only get paid 30 soles [$10] on a good day.  When I found this out I was humbled severely,  this mother works so hard everyday and she gives all she has to her kids.  It is true that those who are humble are more receptive to the word of God.

Also Pierre is still looking forward to his baptism and even talked with his aunt about possibly going on a mission.  When Elder Palacios and I found this out we were like "spiritual blessings."

Side note: Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!!!!
Also mom if you want to make legit Peruvian food look up "Tú pones la sazón Yo la Receta"

I love this work.  I know it is the work of God.  I know this is the true church and that if we seek Christ first we will be saved.  I know that if someone really is humble and seeking the truth they will find the Book of Mormon and know that it is of God.

Te Amo
Elder Perryman

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