Monday, September 23, 2013

¡Vamos a la Playa!

So this week started off so weird.  Tuesday I felt the need to bring consecrated oil teaching, and it came in handy.  We spent most of the day in "los parques" which is like the ghetto of Pueblo Nuevo.  We were walking out of a teaching appointment and a random lady, we later found out that her name is Edela came up to us and asked us "you are missionaries of Christ right?" after we said yes she proceeded to tell us about a young guy without family here who needs help.  We went to David's (that his name) house, which is nothing more than a small room and talked with him.  David is skinny, like he looks like a skeleton, and he was in bad shape.  We gave him a blessing and taught a brief lesson.  He said he was from Callao, which is the bad part of Lima (like the south American equivalent of Over the Rhine).  Edela told us that the reason he was sick was because he experimented with black magic and ate "huesos de muerto".  We have returned to check on him, and he is doing better, but seriously needs a doctor, but doesn't have money for one.  He has a solid knowledge of the Bible and a stronger desire to change his life.  We don't know much, but I can just tell he has been through a lot.  After that lesson we went contacting and taught a lesson to a mom and her 9year old kid, Brian.  I thought the kid was a mute because we asked him so many questions and he didn't say anything.  At the end of the lesson he asked his mom something like "they aren't here for me?" I was astounded he could speak.  His mom explained that he is afraid of Gringos because he thinks they are here to take the organs of kids.  We then when to the church to speak with the branch president and he had a piano for the ward.  It felt like Christmas, I have been teaching E Palacios how to play, and I am so thankful for all the lessons I have had with June.  I might be teaching others in the ward how to play too.  Though teaching piano in Spanish is hard, because it is a whole new set of vocab.  Also in the upcoming week we are starting our English lessons, it is crazy how much the people here want to learn, but lack the opportunity.

On Saturday we went to Pacanga for service for Pierre's family.  All the service we do is either with a shovel or with a machete, my gringo hands have so many blisters now, but it makes me appreciate the hard work people do here.  Pierre worked with us, and it is great to work side by side with an investigator, I Cannot wait for Pierre's baptism.  We then had Cuy (otro vez) and it was really good.  Most of the food here is good, but the one thing that is bad is when you think dinner is chicken and it ends up being rooster (there is a big difference).  Also Marco, one of our recent converts, has been talking to us about serving a mission! This is so exciting and makes the work even more fulfilling.

To day we went to Pacasmayo, which is the nicest area in our zone to go to the beach.  It was a lot of fun to relax and just play games with the district.  I love the work we do here and I love enjoying the culture on Pdays.  I know this is the work of God, I can feel it in my soul.  I want everyone to know exactly how important our message is.  I love this opportunity to serve, grow and learn, through Christ and his gospel.

Te Amo
Elder Perryman

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