Monday, September 16, 2013

¡Este semana fue locismo!

Hola Familia!!!

I don't really know where to start because of how much has happened this week.  I had my first dream in Spanish!  It was so werid, we were teaching a lesson, which is basically my life.  Right now I am in Chiclayo to get my package.  Going through Serpost and customs and sketchy areas of Peru was fun.  Overall I just always feel like I am on an adventure here.

So we had transfers and our zone has been completely switched.  Elder Palacios (Mi compañero) is now the leader of our district.  It is fun because that means I get to go on more intercambios and go with him for baptismal interveiws.  Also one of the new(he has 6 months in his mission) gringo elders in our zone is Elder Pugliano (I know his sister and he knows the Price's).  It is crazy how small of a world this is.  He is super funny and we talked for a while at our zone meeting.

I am going to take break and talk about food.  I love how most of the food here is rice and chicken.  Maybe one day I will get sick of it, but for right now it is great.  My favorite dishes here Bistec a lo pobre and Lomito saltado.  Bascially our pinsionista is great.  The other day she made us Cuy.  That is right we ate guinea pig.  It was super weird because we saw it alive one day trying to jump out of its box and then on our plates the next.  It tastes like chicken, but a bit more chewy we had it fried.  It is considered a delicacy here, and some people even eat the bones.  I do miss North American food, but we made burgers last night with our zone leaders, because they have a stove type thing.

The baptism for Ysabel was great.  During her interveiw I played hide and seek with her kid, Noé.  Noé has so asbergers and so much energy, I am always amazed at how much patience Hna. Ysabel has as a single mother.  I enjoy playing with Noé (He makes lessons interesting) and whenever we have oppurtunities to play with the other kids in our branch, I feel like I just enjoy being a big kid sometimes.  This was my first baptism and I baptised her 3 times because her food came out of the water.  So I gues I already have 3 baptisms in my mission (haha).  Afterward she bore a super powerful testimony.  It is crazy how much faith the people have here. One phrase here is "The house is small but the heart is large," it is so true.  Her life has so many challenges and she is also humble, but everytime we teach her she talks about how important the gospel is in her life and in the life of her son.  I know with out the gospel in my family I would not have real joy.  Many things in this world make us happy but eternal Joy only comes through Christ.

We have a family in Pacanga who is amazing.  One girl, Carla is a member and her siblings are investigators.  We taught her sister, Erica, the other day and we asked her to speak to us frankly about how she feels about the church.  She loves it but something keeps her from obtaining a desire to be baptised.  I had her read Mosíah 18:9&10 and I broke down the scripture for her.  With each question I could feel the spirit stronger and stronger and I know that she will be baptised before I leave the area.  Her brother, Pierre is our age and is terrific.  We had a conference this week and he came with us to both the Saturday and the Sunday session.  The sessions were fantastic and the Sunday session was a broadcast from Salt Lake for Peru. Elder Bednar gave an amazing talk about repentence and the need for a sincere heart.  Then Elder Scott spoke and he didnt use a translator, he spoke spanish perfectly.  Elder Pugliano leaned over and said to me "Elder Scott just got 10 times cooler" after his talk.

I love the mission, I love the people, I love the gospel.  I regret not opening my mouth more to share this grand message before my mission.  I know that the mission will prepare me for life, and life will prepare me for eternalñ life.

Te Amo
Elder Perryman

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