Monday, August 18, 2014

Alberto Einstein

So Albert Einstein has a Peruvian cousin and he is one of my new investigators.  His name is actually Jorge and he is a physics professor here in Cajamarca.  But he has a literal zoo in his back yard with a monkey, eagle, owl, peacock, and some other animals.  We are trying to find new people to teach here to start off this new transfer well.

We are working super hard here, but I need to say that every fruit of my work comes from the members.  I can have 50 lessons in a week, but when the members help, it makes all the difference in the world.  We need to have some leadership training here, but the youth here are the best.  I love the spirit that the young men bring to the work.

 This week our pensioniasta took a trip to Trujillo because the Bishop baptized his mom.  So because we didn't have a pension for a week we had to fend for ourselves which explains the photo with the bunny.  It was delicious needless to say.

I am super tired, but I am so excited for this week. we are starting off with a FHE at the Stake Presidents house tonight.  I love having FHEs with members because I can feel the spirit always in their houses.

The Vargas family is doing super well and they just need to get married to get baptized.  I really hope this happens because they are such a sweet couple, but they have a lot ahead of them.  But I have seen them, in there humble circumstances, find so much happiness in the Gospel of Christ.

Elder Perryman

PS Contacting here is rough
Aqui no es = This isn't it


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